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Starr Benefits Planning provides virtual and in-person benefits planning services to customers of state vocational rehabilitation and services for blind persons and through the WIPA cooperative agreement. We have one fully trained staff member (Virginia Commonwealth University) and one pending completion of the training.  Service goals are to identify and verify existing benefits and to create goals to assist the individual with self-sufficiency. This may include identifying eligibility for services/programs and informing the individual of the impact of working on each benefit they receive which includes Social Security, housing and healthcare, Medicaid, Medicare and Marketplace Insurance.

We have witnessed misinformation provided in the community that has led to a fear of losing benefits upon return to work. In our everyday work with community organizations and beneficiaries we have the opportunity to share accurate information.  Information is powerful and necessary for the individual to succeed in their return-to-work efforts. There are financial, physical and mental health benefits to working.  We value work and the positive impact it has on individuals and the community. Starr Benefits Planning was created for this reason. We encountered many individuals who needed accurate benefit information to reach their employment goals. Benefits Planning is an essential part of an individual’s employment plan. 


Karen Starr

I started a medical and vocational case management company, Starr & Associates, Inc. In addition, I’ve worked as a vocational expert for Social Security for two years before deciding to become a professional medical representative.

In the past, I’ve been involved with the National Association of Disability Representatives for a number of years as a member, committee leader, conference presenter and most recently as a board member.


Carrie Benchich

I provide assistance to individuals with disabilities who have barriers to employment. I can assist individuals unable to be gainfully employed to apply for and obtain Social Security benefits.

I will assist Social Security beneficiaries interested in understanding and deciding how to proceed with their Social Security benefits.